A Brief History of the Audio Mastering Engineer

Audio mastering is the closing stage in the audio manufacturing chain and the process originated at the introduction of the vinyl medium. After music was blended (or just recorded dwell straight to tape in the early days of recording) it might must be ready by a talented audio engineer for the closing distribution medium. In the case of a vinyl launch (12″ LP’s, 12″ Singles, 7″ singles and EP’s) the engineer needed to adhere to strict audio technical specs to ensure that the music to “lower” to a lacquer which might finally change into a stamper for the vinyl copies.

The vinyl medium has a quantity of very stringent technical limitations which require a really expert engineer to make sure that the lathe that produces the lacquer is about up in a method that won’t create technical issues. (i.e. document skips and head burn outs). Along with these necessities the lathe engineer would generally be requested to try to make a lower that may reproduce loudly as to be aggressive in opposition to different document labels tracks when broadcast on radio stations.

Clearly occasions have moved on and now our music is distributed in numerous codecs corresponding to CD’s and digitally on-line as MP3’s. One essential side of mastering is to make sure that the music is as sonically balanced as attainable in order that the lows mids and highs sound correct when performed on any of the many differing kinds of music methods they might be performed on. One of the newest developments is for very loud sounding masters, with the improvement of “digital limiting” music might be pushed ever louder with out too many unfavourable audio unwanted side effects. Nevertheless as of late the expertise has reached it is limits and as music is pushed ever louder for causes of competitors the music can find yourself having a rise of distortion, it is a scorching subject amongst music aficianados and engineers alike. This has been termed the “loudness conflict”. Mastering remains to be a vital process as a lot for high quality management on a musical product as something and there are various such mastering companies provided on the web. It’s with some care that on-line mastering must be chosen, with severe consideration for the engineers expertise, current shopper base and tools.