Do Koreans make the best movies ever?

In my opinion, while it's hard to claim that Koreans make the best movies ever, they certainly have been producing some amazing films in recent years. Korean cinema has been gaining international recognition and accolades, especially with the recent success of "Parasite". Their unique storytelling and fascinating themes set them apart from other film industries. However, it's important to acknowledge the great work from filmmakers all around the world. In the end, the "best" movies are subjective and depend on individual preferences.

Written by

George Mason, May, 30 2023

What are the best movies ever directed by 'Alan Smithee'?

In my journey to explore the best movies directed by the infamous "Alan Smithee," I've come across some truly fascinating films. While many know that Alan Smithee is a pseudonym used by directors who wish to disown a project, there are some standout movies worth mentioning. Among them, "Catchfire" and "Hellraiser: Bloodline" definitely caught my attention with their unique storylines and intriguing visuals. It's interesting to see how these films, despite their director's disownment, have managed to leave a lasting impact on viewers. So, next time you're in the mood for some of Alan Smithee's finest work, be sure to give these movies a watch!

Written by

George Mason, May, 24 2023