Mind Machine Interfacing


In 1984 I used to be partnered with a Cable TV engineer and founding father by the title of Ray Osborne. He was working with individuals growing oscillating noise loop broadband applied sciences. These applied sciences had been ultimately purchased by the Pentagon to make use of in untappable safe message or data transmissions. I think about this expertise now makes use of the Quantum teleporting and sooner than gentle strategies put out for contract in late 2001 by Mr. Everett of the Durham Military Depot. Ray had earlier labored with the Canadian Division of Communications on a brainwave enhancing machine much like a helmet and issues I had examine that the Russians believed would sometime enable the thoughts to maneuver mountains (even actually) in response to Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain.

Ray instructed me about an experiment they did with him and one other individual sporting a helmet with vitality inputs and electrodes hooked up to this helmet he wore. Because the experiment was about to start out, Ray had a must have a cigarette and as he reached to get one and light-weight it up, the thought vitality directed ESP (or brainwavelength capacity) was despatched to the individual throughout the courtyard who was sitting within the window so they may see one another. That individual was despatched right into a coma and his hair turned white – thus ended the experiment on that day. Ray was not a part of continued experiments and I suppose they thought-about stopping it for some time however I can not imagine they didn’t proceed these researches. The navy likes to have these items and they’d rationalize that they should have the power to counter any enemy who might need them too.

The Russians had been those who tabled the removing of non-lethal weapons from the analysis of all signators to SALT. The People not too long ago eliminated themselves from SALT on a uni-lateral foundation. I imagine SDI and HAARP are linked to those issues and I worry different mind-control machines resembling Dr. Persinger of Laurentian College is engaged on with the Earth Vitality Grid can be concerned. This can occur whether or not he and his boss Jack Verona of the Protection Intelligence Company within the US realize it or not. Los Alamos is engaged on an extra refinement of superconductive helmetry and mind enhancements underneath the acronym SQUID as we see on this posting from my neuroscience discussion board. I don’t have the unique supply of the posting however will observe it with one other posting linkage to the College of Toronto analysis and associated issues.

“Magnetic measurements of mind exercise could possibly be free from noise sooner or later because of a brand new helmet-like machine developed by medical physicists on the Los Alamos Nationwide Laboratory within the US. Magnetoencephalography (MEG) is the one approach that may straight measure neuronal exercise within the mind, however it’s stricken by background noise that interferes with indicators from the mind itself. The brand new helmet might present far more correct data on mind operate (P Volegov et al. 2004 Phys. Med. Biol. 49 2117).

MEG is a non-invasive approach that gives detailed data on the mind in nearly actual time by utilizing superconducting quantum interference machine (SQUID) sensors to measure the magnetic fields generated by currents flowing in and round neurons. Nevertheless, these magnetic subject indicators are extraordinarily weak — sometimes between about 10-14 and 10-13 Tesla — and are due to this fact simply overwhelmed by background magnetic noise. Though varied methods exist to cut back this noise, none are completely passable as a result of they’ll additionally cut back the scale of the indicators produced by the mind itself.

The helmet designed by the Los Alamos group is created from a layer of superconducting lead and is positioned across the SQUID sensors (see determine). The helmet must saved at temperatures beneath eight kelvin — in a liquid helium cryostat — for the result in be superconducting. The machine works on the precept that Meissner currents move on the floor of the superconductors within the helmet. These currents expel magnetic flux, due to this fact stopping any exterior magnetic fields from penetrating the helmet. Furthermore, in contrast to earlier strategies, the helmet may be positioned near the pinnacle with out affecting indicators produced by the mind.

The scientists have already examined their helmet on actual sufferers and say that background noise indicators may be lowered by greater than six orders of magnitude, making it the simplest system so far. Nevertheless, the machine nonetheless must be improved as a result of noise ranges are nonetheless comparatively excessive across the brim.”

“Vortex dynamics in superconducting techniques imaged by Scanning SQUID Microscopy


Utilizing a Scanning SQUID Microscope (SSM), now we have studied vortex distributions in varied superconducting techniques. The superb flux sensitivity of the SSM permits us to resolve particular person vortices for low flux density. Subject cooling produces quenched vortex patterns which may be disordered in strong-pinning Nb movies or nicely ordered right into a lattice in a-MoGe movies with weak pinning. Floor steps alter the field-cooled patterns, with vortices shaped in dense rows alongside the low aspect of steps with few vortices close to the excessive aspect. We observe an asymmetry within the dynamics of vortices across the floor steps underneath the appliance of a driving power. The vortex line pressure impedes vortex movement from skinny elements of the superconductor to thick areas, whereas not affecting the other movement down the steps. We’ve got additionally investigated the conduct of vortices in skinny superconducting strips in a perpendicular magnetic subject, a fancy downside as a result of massive demagnetizing results. These geometrical limitations are steadily encountered in transport measurements on high-Tc superconductors. Strips with transverse floor steps in addition to strips with a uniform cross part have been imaged. We are trying to correlate the noticed vortex distributions with transport measurements of the vortex dynamics within the strips.”